Permanent lecturer and researcher, at IBS (Indonesia Banking  School)

owned by BI (Bank Indonesia) Foundation as Indonesia’s central bank.

Various achievements and professions had been achieved since 1981, had played in 25 titles of   Indonesian films (two of which were produced by self-owned film production company) with titles “Sepondok Dua Cinta” and “Yang Tercinta”, as well as became an advertising model for dozens of products and services. Had become the Best Supporting Actress in FFI 1985 as Citra Award Winner in Bandung in a film titled “Tinggal Landas buat Kekasih” directed by film director Sophan Sophiaan (in the film which brought together Ikang Fawzi or Drs. Ahmad Zulfikar Fawzi, MBA as the real husband now) as supporting actor in the film. Shortly after had become the Best Actress in the 62nd FFAP (Asia Pacific Film Festival) in Taipei, Taiwan, in a film titled “Matahari Matahari” directed by film director Arifin. C. Noor. Apart from that, had also involved in some TV drama as actress and producer, as well as brand ambassador and spoke person of various commercial products, and as a speaker for various fields such as in education, women’s welfare, sharia micro and small economies (SMEs and MSMEs), family planning, family health-nutrition and early childhood education (PAUD), and recently in halal management and lifestyle. In 2004 had become a Member of Parliament or DPR RI from the PDIP party, in 2006 had run in Banten Province Governor Election as Vice Governor candidate. Even though recently still had registered in PAN (National Mandate Party) as one of the party members in its structure, but for the past five years, leave had been taken from various political activities, and put more concentration on the dissemination of halal management and lifestyle at all forms in national and international levels.

The post had been active in running the film business and having two companies PT. Rana Artha Mulia Films and PT. SAI Films (Saya Anak Indonesia) for ten years which produced films, documentaries, and TV commercials, recently more active in the educational world. As a lecturer at IBS (Indonesian Banking School) as the home base (had already an NIDN with JJA in 3D (Lector) position and is now taking care of being at the 4A (Head Lector) position. Beside lecturing at IBS, also had been lecturing at IEF (Islamic Economic and Finance) University of Trisakti Jakarta, as well at YARSI University, PERBANAS, UIB (Batam International University), FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, INAIS (Sahid Islamic Institute) and UMJ (Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta ) for faculties in the area of  economics , business,  and law.  Furthermore, also active in writing books on international halal issue, some of them are: “Muslimin Vietnam dan Industri Halalnya: Mereka Juga Belajar ke LPPOM MUI (2019)”; “Jawa dan Halal di Thailand (2018)”; “Batik Lukis Basu SD (2012)”; “IMF ala Indonesia: Potret Lembaga Keuangan Mikro Syariah Indonesia (2012)”; “Membangun Gerakan BMT Indonesia (2011)”; “Strategi Bisnis Untuk BMT (2011)”; “Undang Undang Republik Indonesia No. 23 Tahun 2004”; “Penghapusan Kekerasan dalam Rumah Tangga (2005)”; “Bahasa Kasih: Memahami Masalah Ketunarunguan (2005)”; “Aminah (1999).” And now a member of two Indonesian Islamic organizations, they are: MES (Masyarakat Ekonomi Syariah); and IAEI (Ikatan Ahli Ekonomi Islam)

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